domingo, 10 de mayo de 2015

With the LBKA (London Beekeepers Asociation)

Today there was a talk at Fairley House Junior School, 220 Lamber Rd. organized for The London Beekeepers Association. I thought go there because I wanted to know how to go by underground and what kind of things the members of the association do there.

First I caught the Central Line untill Oxford Circus and after I changed to Bakerloo line. I stopped at Lambeth North. Then I went walking through Elephant street and finally I arrived to 220 Lambeth Street.

There weren't many people there but the atmosphere was nice. I spoke with one member of the organization and he offered me some coffee and a piece of cake.

Then the talk started but unfortunately I didn't understand many about it because they spoke fast and they employed a lot of technical words.

When the first part finished, the group gone out to a little garden where the staff showed us one practical way to trap a swarm. Many people asked questions and Angela and John answered to all of them.

I'm thinking to join LBKA and to collaborate with them. It could be funny and a interesting way to learn English

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