miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015

All you need is your credit card

I remember a Beatles song that said: "All you need is love" and I have done a link between the song and the currently situation when someone travel around the world,

Resultado de imagen de beatles all you need is loveYou can go anywhere. If you have your credit card there isn't any problem. Is for that, that I remembered the beginning of this song.

Today I've gone to a lot of places: first I went to an academy to ask for English classes. It was closed. Then I went to cut my hair to a hairdressing. The barber was very kind. He was Indian and I've spoke a few phrases with him. After that I went to an chemist and a one coffee-bookshop where I've been reading one cultural Leytonstone magazine.

I went to B&Q again to buy some things for my houseworks and after that I went home and prepared the meal.

In the afternoon I went to "Poundland" to buy more things (similar to a Chinese trade) and to an Turkish trade. I've bought dried figs and camomile to make an infusion.

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  1. Amenas me están resultando tus crónicas, amigo José luís, estás saboreando in situ, dulcemente, la forma de vida inglesa, que lo pase usted bien, Desde la Hispania, muchos saludos.