lunes, 11 de mayo de 2015

Stratford Shopping Centre, Royal Observatory Greenwich, Peter Harrison Planetarium and the O2

Today it's been a hard day. First I went to Stratford Shopping centre to go for a walk and to find a watch band but there was impossible find it because much of stores sold others things . Anyway, I've bought a new SIM card to have data in my mobile. I've done that with the EE company. The seller was very nice. I've paid 30 pounds for 1.000 mins talking+4Gb+unlimited text messages.

After that I went to Greenwich. I caught the Jubilee line and stopped at Greenwich Nord and after that, I took the 129 line bus. Once in place, I went to the Observatory, I bought my tickets and I went into the museum. I watched the Dark Matter exhibition too. There were a lot of children there too. The experience was very interesting.

Finally I went back to Greenwich Nord again and I went to the O2 arena, which is a very comfortable place where you can drink, eat and enjoy. Like at the Beatles song: today it's been a hard day!

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