martes, 28 de abril de 2015

With the step ladder

Resultado de imagen de escalera de manoI've bought one step ladder to do multiple reparations in Laura's house. It wasn't expensive but the problem was to carry it into the underground.

Fortunately the man who was at the entrance did not say me anything. The step ladder is a very important tool that help me to do quite homeworks.

I went to one 99 pence commerce and it was funny to buy lot of things for this price.
Finally my daughter and me, we went to buy some fresh vegetables. Now I'm the cook too.

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  1. Hello J Luis, i´m ritght now in a break. I´ve read all your post. It would be nice if you let us know where you are living exactly. It´s in the center? in which neighborhood? HOw is the weather? Have you plan to visit the Tate modern art? British museum?
    Enjoy your adventure!
    Sergio Duce